Commercial Law and Structuring Entities

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At Dimarco Lawyers, we provide advice on all types of commercial transactions, ranging from very simple to highly complex.


We also regularly advise our clients on structuring entities, including trusts, companies, partnerships and other structures. 

Commercial and Retail Leasing

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We have extensive experience acting for both landlords and tenants in commercial and retail leasing matters.


For our landlord clients, we regularly prepare leases and advise our clients on any lease amendment requests that are made by the tenant.


For clients who wish to lease premises, we advise them on the terms of the lease, including making requests for amendments to the lease where necessary.

Conveyancing (Property Buying and Selling)


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We provide excellent conveyancing services. 


Whether you are buying or selling a property, we have very extensive experience in this area.  We keep very regular communication with our clients during the entire process and we always aim for a smooth and effective conveyance.  

Wills and Estates

 We have extensive experience in the preparation of wills.  We prepare various types of wills, ranging from simple wills to more complex structured wills, including testamentary trust wills.


If your relative has died and you have been appointed as an executor under their will, we can apply for probate on your behalf so that the estate can be administered and distributed.  If your relative has died without a will, we can assist you with the steps that follow.

Family Law

We also practise in family law so if you are going through a marriage breakdown, we can provide you with the legal advice you need in order to move forward.